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This week in Year 2 we have started to look at developing our understanding of addition. To support our learning we have been using place value charts and dienes to allow us to see the concrete representations of the numbers that we are working with.


By the end of the lesson we had managed to get almost all of the questions right. We were on fire!

Can you use the strategy that we have learnt to help you find the answer to these questions?

111+ 217=

123+ 321=


Beech Break-in

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Today in Birch class we became heroes when we had to take care of Beech class. An arch enemy of one of our superhero friends came into school and broke into Beech classroom. They left it in a real mess.

The culprit left evidence all over the classroom.


We explored the mess that had been created and wrote a list of all of the damage that we had found. We wrote down as much information as we could so that we can report on it next week.

What would be a good headline for this incident?


Superhero Dilemma

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Today in Birch we were given a selection of Superhero missions that we had to complete. We created dramatic representations of these missions in order to help us solve them.



 We worked in teams to decide how we would solve the dilemma whilst taking a moral stance.


Can you remember what your mission involved?


Real PE

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In PE today, we continued our exploration of the story ‘The Birthday Bike Surprise.’  We returned to the dirt track to begin our lesson.


Today we were working really hard on improving our co-ordination. We were focusing on improving our fluency and control when






We did a fantastic job and made some big improvements.


How did  you improve today?


Holding Out For A Hero

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This term in Year 2 we are focusing on all things Superhero! Some of the children in Birch have really been enjoying the role-play area within the classroom.

After exploring the Superheroes Den, this prompted a discussion about what heroes look like. This made us think about whether all heroes wear capes and masks. Birch Class came up with a number of heroes that aren’t always recognised for the things they do.

– Ambulance Workers



-Police Officers




Can you think of any more everyday heroes?


Arranging Numbers

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Today in Year 2 we have been arranging numbers using a variety of stratagies.

We were given some tricky hundreds numbers that required us to apply our newly found knowledge of comparing numbers.

We used the dienes to represent the numbers. This allowed us to see which number had the highest value. Once we had finished using the dienes to represent the numbers we tried to mentally apply our knowledge and we were amazing!


In Year 2 we know that we have to go to the highest valued column first and then work our way down till we have find our answer.

Which number is the greatest?


458 or 478?




The Birthday Bike Surprise

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Today in P.E we focused on a new story ‘ The Birthday Bike Surprise’.

We began our exploration of the story with the warm up ‘Rock, paper & Scissors’, however this didn’t involve our hands. It included our entire bodies.











The story led us to the ‘Dirt Track’. The class split across both sides of it.

We then used a variety of movements to travel from one side of the dirt track to the other.











Can you remember how else we travelled across the dirt track?


What’s your name?

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Today we have been learning some new phrases in Spanish.



We learnt how to say:


English: What is your name?

Spanish: ¿Cómo te llamas?

Pronunciation: Koh-moh tay-yam-as


Then reply with:

English: Hello, my name is…

Spanish: Hola, me llamo…

Pronunciation: May ah mo…




Word Bingo

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We have got lots of words that we need to learn throughout the duration of our time in Birch. These words are known as common exception words. We surprised Miss Huxley-Worn with how many we already knew.

We had a game of Common Exception Word Bingo. The competition was fierce and we were all eager to win.



We  had to concentrate in order to be able to identify these new words.

Can you remember any of the winning words?


Representing Number

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Today in Birch class we have been looking at different representations of numbers. We have been using the dienes as a way to represent some of our numbers.

We experimented with a variety of numbers from as small as 9 up to larger numbers such as 510.

                           We even had a go at writing the numbers using the words. This was a little bit tricky.


We explored the interchangeability of the dienes.

When we had 10 lots of 10 dienes- What did we do?